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I founded the Brooklyn Writers Project to help writers become authors of books they can be proud of. The endless digital bookshelf is stocked with too many books that will never be read due to being poorly produced. 

We owe it to our readers to deliver quality books that meet the professional publishing standards they've come to expect. We partner with writers every step of the way to help them make sound creative decisions.

Hybrid publishing is ideal for writers who want the support of traditional publishing and the financial and creative benefits of self-publishing.  

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"Marina Aris has a remarkable eye for design, content and placement. More importantly, she has taken the time to get to know me personally and to understand my perspective, goals and style as a writer. She's an invaluable resource, highly recommended.”

                                                                        ---ROGER CANAFF

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"Marina Aris has been an excellent publisher and become a good friend. If you have a good and challenging book you would like published, I know of no better press than Brooklyn Writers Press and no more effective publisher than Marina Aris."

                                                                        ---JOHN KOELSCH

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"I've had the pleasure of working with Marina Aris on a handful of projects over the last few years. She brings terrific energy, clever ideas, careful attention to detail, and quality style to everything she does. I hope to work with her many more times in the future." 

                                                             ----BETH KALLMAN WERNER

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"Marina Aris is inspiring, committed, loyal, dedicated, hard-working, and eager to adapt to new technologies. I recommend Marina without reservation. She is one of the truly good, solid gold people on the planet and I feel so fortunate that our paths intersected." 

                                                                               ----MM DeVOE

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"Marina Aris guided me kindly through the process of reassessing my branding strategies, and she identified excellent tactics for me moving forward. I am so grateful for her help—I only wish I'd had access to her earlier on in my publishing process! She knows her stuff!”


                                                                                  ----JULIE LANDRY


132 W. 31st Street

New York, NY  10001

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