Bleed Through

By Roger Canaff

On an autumn night in a chic Manhattan neighborhood, a young woman crawls out of an alley, clothes torn, bruised and beaten. Although well-dressed and attractive, she uses her last ounce of strength to flee the scene when the police arrive. Thus begins Bleed Through, a riveting and unpredictable story of a brutal attempted rape, a strong but reluctant victim, and the system that eventually takes her case--but offers as much risk and uncertainty as it does hope for justice. Catching the case is ADA Alex Greco and Detective Angie Keegan, both newly assigned to a citywide unit designed to take on New York's toughest special victims cases. Their quest to identify the victim and encourage her to seek justice is where the story begins. But the pitfalls they encounter against a wealthy, well-connected defendant and the secrets unearthed along the way soon make for a shocking set of twists and turns that not only threaten the case but also bore malevolently into the lives of those involved. 

TITLE: Bleed Through

AUTHOR: Roger Canaff

GENRE: Fiction

CATEGORY: Legal Thriller

COVER DESIGN: Mark Thwaites

ISBN 978-0-9997903-7-3 (e-Book)

ISBN 978-0-9997903-8-0 (paperback)

ISBN 978-0-9997903-9-7 (hardback)
LCCN 2019913320

The Silence Between What I Think And What I Say

By Stephan Silich

“each word must be written
with the greatest of truthfulness,
and each love must be given
with the greatest of tenderness."


In The Silence Between What I Think And What I Say, the author's American voice portrays an uncompromising openness and unflinching vulnerability as he explores a variety of themes, ranging from love, loss, healing, family, fatherhood, art, literature, mortality and everyday life. It reflects on the deepest concerns of the human condition. This collection, written over decades covers years of experience the author refers to as the living minutes of life.

"for the hearts that beat the loudest 
during the quietest of moments..." 

TITLE: The Silence Between What I Think And What I Say

AUTHOR: Stephan Silich

GENRE: Poetry

CATEGORY: Poetry Collections

COVER DESIGN: Domi Whistler

ISBN 978-0-9896037-4-4 (e-Book)

ISBN 978-0-9896037-5-1 (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-7340973-4-4 (hardback)

LCCN 2019914284

Running Into The Night, A Memoir

By Marina Aris

“The faithful pray.

The wicked prey.

And no-one is safe

from those who will

not sleep."

Abandoned by her mother, failed by foster care. To survive, she'll have to rely on herself. ​New York City, 1979. At seven years old, Joanna's mother sends her to deliver cocaine. She spends many days alone locked up in a Jackson Heights apartment, and many nights lying awake in fear for her and her mother's life. 

Through an inspirational first-hand account of her chaotic childhood, author and inspirational speaker Marina Aris explores the cycle of familial abandonment and how it impacts the lives of unwanted children. 

TITLE: Running Into The Night

AUTHOR: Marina Aris

GENRE: Non-Fiction

CATEGORY: Memoir/Autobiography

COVER DESIGN: Twin Art Designs

ISBN 978-0-9896037-0-6 (e-Book)

ISBN 978-0-9896037-1-3 (paperback)

ISBN 978-0-9896037-8-2 (audiobook)

LCCN Pending

At War With Myself: How I Came To Terms With The One Thing That Changes Everything

By Greg Lewin

We think we know what is going on out there in the world and we think others are seeing what we see. Nothing could be further from the truth. We don’t observe and experience the world. We observe and experience the world as we expect it to be. It is our expectations that lead us to judge a choice smart, an accomplishment meaningful, a connection trustworthy, and a life well-lived. Change your expectations, change your world.

TITLE: At War With Myself: How I Came To Terms With The
         One Thing That Changes Everything

AUTHOR: Greg Lewin
GENRE: Non-Fiction

CATEGORY: Memoir/Autobiography

COVER DESIGN: Dartfrog Books

ISBN 978-0-9896037-9-9 (e-Book)

ISBN 978-0-9997903-5-9 (paperback)

LCCN 2019908024

UBUNTU: I Am Because We Are

By John Koelsch

UBUNTU: I Am Because We Are sets forth a peaceful approach to working together as a nation to address the issues of corruption in our government, and to get the United States back on the path to governing by the consent of the governed. Americans, especially those leading our country need to remain committed to all that we hold sacred, namely, our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness equally and for all. 

TITLE: UBUNTU: I Am Because We Are

AUTHOR: John Koelsch
ENRE: Non-Fiction


COVER DESIGN: Dartfrog Books

ISBN 978-0-9896037-2-0 (e-Book)

ISBN 978-0-9896037-3-7 (paperback)

LCCN 2019913651

More Rogue Traders

By Scott Skrym

“And perhaps there is another rogue trader out there right now. After all, if he’s doing it right, he’s making money and not getting caught. And it’s only when he gets caught that it suddenly becomes a news story. Time has a way of catching up to all of us, rogue traders included.”


One of the great flaws of a free-market economy is that is has allowed individual traders to manipulate markets, something that the average investor has no understanding of. Many times these are the actions and activities of the oft cited, but little understood “rogue trader.” They’ve had dire consequences for financial firms and the global economy, not to mention individual retirement plans. MORE ROGUE TRADERS is about a world cloaked in secrecy and acronyms. It is a multi-faceted concept with the primary aim to educate about the financial industry, and the complex financial instruments involved in the schemes committed by rogue traders. 

TITLE: More Rogue Traders

AUTHOR: Scott Skrym
ENRE: Non-Fiction

CATEGORY: Finance/Corruption

COVER DESIGN: Domi Whistler

ISBN 978-1-7340973-5-1 (e-Book)

ISBN 978-0-9997903-4-2 (hardback)

LCCN Pending


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