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MORE ROGUE TRADERS is about a world cloaked in secrecy and acronyms. It aims to educate about the financial industry and the complex financial instruments involved in schemes committed by rogue traders. Each chapter focuses on one specific trader and the role they played in bringing down a financial institution. In these cases, we’re not talking millions, we’re talking hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in losses. MORE ROGUE TRADERS in the context of a real-life story has it all: a rise-and-fall, money made, money lost, greed, corruption and the bankers who tried to hide it.

Sudden Widow is a book for widows/widowers and everyone in their lives, to help readers make sense of an unbearable loss. Refreshing, authentic, heartbreaking, and funny, it is essentially a love story--validation for widows in a world where many don't recognize the colossal grief and adjustment after suddenly losing a spouse. Reading this intelligent, eye opening memoir, you will laugh, cry, and learn. Perhaps most importantly, readers will feel understood and less alone. This book is a moving, inspiring example of 'powering through'. For more information, go to

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This guide will teach you how to:

- take advantage of the changing consulting landscape
- source and manage a standalone consulting project
- manage the Consulting Category
- activate key levers to save 30% to 50%
- shift your focus from savings to value creation
- leverage the digital disruption in consulting and procurement

 We think we know what is going on out there in the world and we think others are seeing what we see. Nothing could be further than the truth. We don't observe and experience the world. We observe and experience the world as we expect it to be. It is our expectations that lead us to judge a choice smart, an accomplishment meaningful, a connection trustworthy, and a life well-lived. In At War With Myself: How I Came To Terms With The One Thing That Changes Everything, Greg Lewin shares the personal journey that led him to discover that the way we see ourselves and the way others see us is also a matter of expectations. 

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Perfect for fans of "Sex and the City", this hilarious true account of modern dating follows a two-year journey of newly single Kate Somerset in Manhattan. The book's 15 stories of men will charm, inspire, and amuse readers to #DateLikeKate. You'll meet Anderson the Actor, Cain the Canine Lover, Nick the Neighbor, Cupido the Conductor, Braeden the Banker, and 10 others!Encouraged by her teenage daughter to "get a real life" following a divorce, Kate catapults herself from a settled existence in Texas to the unknown world of New York City. Creating her own joyful playbook for dating, Kate goes online and in person to build a new life. Relatable to singles of all ages, the stories of Kate's real dating adventures will have you begging for more.

"Mandatory reading for writers with kids" -- Mid-West Book Review 

Drawing on the experiences of many authors encountered during ten years of running a literary nonprofit that helps writers stay on creative track after starting a family, Milda M. DeVoe, founder of Pen Parentis, puts her Columbia MFA to good use in creating this fun, readable, helpful and inspiring reference book for parents, caregivers and others who feel too overwhelmed to write. 

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"The wicked prey
The faithful pray
and no-one is safe
from those who 
will not sleep"

Running Into The Night is a memoir set against the backdrop of 1970s New York City. It is a story about the power of human resilience and about overcoming adversity against all odds.

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