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BOOK 1: ADA Alex Greco Legal Thriller Series


For a helpless, autistic child, it was inevitable. 

For the prime suspect, a choice. 

For ADA Alex Greco, a calling.

When a beautiful and profoundly autistic boy named Hector is found hideously throat-cut in a Bronx row house, it's his father, a callous and deceitful widower with gang ties, who emerges as the prime suspect. Reluctantly catching the case is A.D.A. Alex Greco, himself the wounded father of an autistic son who died at age three.

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Benjamin Franklin Silver Award WINNER!

BOOK 2: ADA Alex Greco Legal Thriller Series

Gripping, fast-paced and unflinchingly reflective of the #Metoo era, Bleed Through will grab you from the very first page, pitting a powerful, predatory man against a young female entrepreneur, Kim Hadley, with a tragic past but also a defiant sense of justice. 

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