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Founder, Pen Parentis

M.M. DeVoe was born to a traditional Lithuanian family of six in College Station, Texas. “M” was raised Catholic and bilingual by an organic chemistry researcher and a Montessori directress. She knows all there is to know about being an insider, an outcast, and an experiment. In college, she ran away with a group of jugglers who remain her best friends to this day. She earned her MFA at Columbia University as a Writing Fellow under Michael Cunningham and Helen Schulman. Her explorations of identity through creative writing have brought her to publish in nearly every genre: literary fiction, poetry, science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, even musical theater...she has won or been a finalist for more than 20 writing awards. She won her first grant for Pen Parentis from NYC’s Department of Cultural Affairs in 2009 and remains its founding director to the current day.

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