First Official Release by the Brooklyn Writers Press

Updated: Apr 24

We're so excited to announce the release of our first title, 'The Silence Between What I Think and What I Say, a poetry collection by Stephan Silich. Press founder, Marina Aris persuaded her long-time friend and poet to entrust her with more than twenty years of his writing.

This collection touches on love, life, family, parenting while presenting an endearing ode to the streets of New York City. We hope our readers will enjoy Stephan's insightful prose. Below we are sharing the Foreword written by Brooklyn Writers Press founder, Marina Aris.


“All art should be free.” This is what Stephan said to me so many years ago when I asked if he would ever publish his work. He seemed satisfied with gifting hand-bound collections to close friends and family. I never thought the day would come when he would agree to have his work published. Fortunately for me, his publisher, and for you, the reader holding this book in your hands, the day has come, it only took nearly two decades to get here.

Time has many faces, and for most of us it is all too fleeting, but there are moments like these, when time brings forth something powerful enough to quell the human spirit. Something to slow down the pace and remind you to pay attention. Something to encourage you to love and lose a little bit more, because in the end it is all worth it. This collection is the product of time. And in the countless silent hours that have come to pass, Stephan has crafted an extensive body of work. Work that I feel honored and privileged to publish.

In these pages, what will make its way through the silence is Stephan’s voice. A voice that is at once fresh and familiar. Tender and thoughtful. Endearing and haunting. Words that will carry you back to the innocence of childhood, to the fragile yearnings of love, and then gently guide you forward to the preoccupations of adulthood and parenthood. And finally they will lift your spirit after placing you mindfully into the center of your own mortality.

Stephan is a devoted father now, and although I’d like to believe that only time has changed his perspective on publishing his work, I believe it is the love for his daughters, Emma and Mia that are the true motivation for allowing this work to be published. I imagine them years into the future finding hope and love and comfort in their father’s words. What better gift can a father leave for his children?

Stephan did once firmly believe that art should be free. But as a writer and publisher I hold a different belief. And that is, that art should be freed. And it is in that spirit that I offer you dear reader this collection. May it fill your silent hours with hope and love and comfort.

Marina Aris

Publisher, Brooklyn Writers Press

April, 2018


132 W. 31st Street

New York, NY  10001

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