Roger Canaff is a widely known child protection and anti-violence against women advocate, legal expert, author and public speaker. Roger has devoted his legal career to the eradication of violence against women and children. He is the author of three novels.​ 


Fantastic Book!

Not since Stephen King’s “It,” can I remember a book that so well captured the potential terror faced by teenagers about to enter the “real world.” But “It” involved an other-worldly monster drawn from King’s rich imagination. There are monsters, too, in “Copperhead Road,” but these monsters all have human faces. They interact freely with their neighbors in the community and conceal their depraved acts behind a facade of normalcy and friendliness. As his book makes crystal clear, Roger Canaff is all too familiar with this kind of all-consuming, penetrative, evil. But to his credit, his novel demonstrates that love is stronger than hate, and that friendship sometimes, not always, creates bonds stronger than those forged by trauma. This is by no means inevitable, but it is always possible. Roger Canaff teaches that this--the elevation of love over hate--must be the goal of all of us who have been affected, directly or indirectly, repeatedly or just once, by the insidious horror of childhood sexual abuse. It is far easier said than done. But it is well worth the effort.

---Kevin Thomas Mulhearn

A Book You Won't Soon Forget

Tragic and horrifying, the sexual abuse at the heart of this remarkable first novel by Roger Canaff is the conduit for a heart-wrenching and memorable journey for the char- acters and the reader. This book has everything: edge- of-the-seat drama, compelling characters, beautifully crafted imagery, and a story that will resonate in the mind of the reader for a long time.

---Barbara Henn


"A disturbing but intelligently crafted crime drama." --- Kirkus Reviews

An Engaging and Talented Writer

Roger Canaff pens crime thrillers with an authenticity born of years of work in the field. He knows his subject and delivers with sincerity and truth.

---Edward Conlon, New York Times Bestselling Author of Blue Blood


This is the Second Book in the Alec Greco Series and It Did Not Fail

Twists and turns enlivened the plot and kept me interested to the very end. Deals with many important issues...sexual abuse, child abuse, gender issues.

---Bobbie J. Johnson

Canaff weaves yet another unforgettable legal thriller/mystery

In this second installment of the ADA Alex Greco series, Canaff weaves yet another unforgettable legal thriller/mystery. As you are taken deeper down the rabbit hole of Alex's past, you are also left on the edge of your seat as a new case takes shape that leaves you guessing right til the very end. I enjoyed this one just as much as the first and cannot wait to see where this series goes next.

---Jennifer LeBlanc


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