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What is Hybrid Publishing?

Hybrid Publishing is a publishing alternative that offers writers the best of traditional publishing and self-publishing.


What we do that traditional publishers do:

-> curate our catalog and vet our manuscripts

-> work with vetted industry professionals (editing, cover design & formatting)

-> manage the production process and ensure it meets professional standards

-> ensure global print & digital distribution, and for titles that qualify, national bookstore placement.


Self-publishing benefits we offer:

-> authors retain their intellectual property rights

-> authors earn a higher royalty than they would with a traditional publisher

-> authors participate in the creative decision making process


What we offer that is unique to the Brooklyn Writers Press:

An Author/Publisher Partnership Model. We care about the book as much as our authors do. We can only succeed if our authors succeed.


While we can't promise or guarantee that a book will be successful, we do everything in our power to produce a beautiful book that meets industry standards. There is no magic formula but we find that patience and a willingness to experiment with distribution and marketing can go a long way.

How will you know if Hybrid Publishing is for you?

Hybrid Publishing is the best option for writers who:


-> feel they can benefit from one-on-one support and guidance.


-> wish to retain their intellectual property rights.


-> are willing to make a smart financial investment in the production of their work.

-> have already self-published but are unable to sell their books due to poor quality.


-> want to write, and have little or limited interest in the production side of the business.


-> would like to have their books professionally produced and to market faster than via the traditional publishing timeline.

How do you manage production quality?

The Brooklyn Writers Press works with vetted industry professionals. Meeting excellence in production requires time and patience. Production, like the editing phase of producing a manuscript is an iterative process.


We rely on the Agile Project Management Methodology to manage and quality check every deliverable. Often, more than one pass is required to get things just right. However, our authors receive consistent feedback and reporting on progress, and know in advance about anticipated delays.

Do you curate your titles?

Yes! We curate our titles. All submissions are reviewed to determine if a manuscript is ready for publication.

How do you handle intellectual property rights?

Our authors retain their intellectual property rights. We have not yet established but are working on finding ways to assist our authors with translations and foreign rights contracts.

How do you handle book distribution?

Print & Digital
All of our titles are set up for global print and digital distribution.


We do have a platform and partnership in place for audiobook production and distribution.



For titles that qualify, we assist with national U.S. independent bookstore placement and distribution via our distribution partner. Note that our distribution partner has their own vetting process which means titles must meet those standards for distribution in order to be accepted into the program.


We do what we can to help authors identify both online and offline opportunities available to get their books into reader's hands. Every book is different and every author's personality and preferences are something we take into consideration when it comes to marketing and distribution.

Do you provide ISBNs?

Booksellers, libraries and other retailers rely on ISBNs for ordering, listing, selling and inventory control purposes. All of our titles are assigned Brooklyn Writers Press ISBNs. All books that meet professional industry standards must have an ISBN so we absolutely adhere to this practice.  

Do you assist authors with marketing and book sales?

The Brooklyn Writers Press will continually market catalog titles, however it is every author's responsibility to develop and implement a marketing plan.


While we may guide authors and offer suggestions, and/or identify free and low-cost opportunities we recommend authors work with professionals who specialize in marketing for their particular genre.


It is critically important for authors to understand that marketing and selling their work is an ongoing effort that may require trial and error, and, most of all, time. We encourage authors to embrace marketing as an opportunity to connect with their readers.


While we will continue to support all titles in our catalog, it is the authors readers are most interested in connecting with, not the publisher. We want our authors to succeed and will continually work on developing programs to assist with marketing, but this is a part of the business all authors must actively participate in.


Today's environment requires a steep learning curve, not just for authors and publishers, but for all industries aiming to create and maintain a community of fans and followers. 

What are your royalty splits?

Hybrid Publishing standards require that authors earn at the minimum 50% royalties.


Brooklyn Writers Press authors retain:

100% of their net royalties for print books

100% of their net royalties for e-book sales on all platforms (EXCLUDING Amazon)
80% of their net royalties for ebook sales on the Amazon platform

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