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“for the hearts that beat loudest
during the quietest of moments…”

'the silence between what i think and what i say' is Stephan Silich’s first collection of poetry. He refers to his poems simply as words or musings that reflect his thoughts and perspective in compelling free verse. 

This collection, written over decades, covers years of experience the author refers to as the living minutes of life. His voice portrays an uncompromising openness and an unflinching vulnerability as he explores a variety of themes, ranging from love, loss, healing, family, fatherhood, art, literature, mortality, and everyday life.

Tonight Is The Longest Night of Them All is Stephan Silich's second collection of poetry in which he once again captures the ordinary and extraordinary moments of living and loving. His poems are as much stories and observations as they are lyrical interpretations of the human condition. In these pages, he stretches his muse beyond reflections on love, family, and human mortality and pays tribute to the streets of his native New York and to the artists and writers who have offered inspiration. But most of all, Silich's words offer an eternal song of longing and hope, the perfect remedy for those of us who fail and have the courage to try and try again.

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