ADA Alex Greco Series

by Roger Canaff

ON SALE: July 26,2020

FORMATS: e-Book, Paperback

ISBNs:  978-0-9997903-7-3 (e-Book)
               978-0-9997903-8-0 (Paperback)

               978-1-9529910-8-0 (Hardcover)

IMPRINT: Brooklyn Writers Press

PAGES: 404

$24.95 Hardcover

$12.99 Paperback

$ 3.99 e-Book


Silver Winner: 2020 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Program, Mystery and Thriller

One brutal attempted rape. One unbowed woman facing impossible odds for justice. One dedicated D.A. who believes her. "First great book of the #metoo era."

“A disturbing but intelligently crafted crime drama.”

— Kirkus Reviews for Among the Dead, the first in the Alex Greco series

Gripping, fast-paced and unflinchingly reflective of the #Metoo era, Bleed Through grabs from the very first page, pitting a powerful, predatory man against a young female entrepreneur, Kim Hadley, with a tragic past but also a defiant sense of justice. Inspired by actual events in the life of a former special victims prosecutor, this second in the series continues the path of ADA Alex Greco. Still battling his own tragic past and tending its dark secrets, Alex and Kim test their mettle against an aggressive defense team which will stop at nothing to stop them- even if it means the personal destruction of them both.

On an autumn night in a chic Manhattan neighborhood, a young woman crawls out of an alley, clothes torn, bruised and beaten. Although well-dressed and attractive, she uses her last ounce of strength to flee the scene when the police arrive. Thus begins Bleed Through, a riveting and unpredictable story of a brutal attempted rape, a strong but reluctant victim, and the system that eventually takes her case--but offers as much risk and un-certainty as it does hope for justice. Catching the case is ADA Alex Greco and Detective Angie Keegan, both newly assigned to a citywide unit designed to take on New York's toughest special victims cases. Their quest to identify the victim and encourage her to seek justice is where the story begins. But the pitfalls they encounter against a wealthy, well-connected defendant and the secrets unearthed along the way soon make for a shocking set of twists and turns that not only threaten the case but also bore malevolently into the lives of those involved.


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