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The Insider's Guide to Life-Long Memory

By Ginger Schechter, MD, Denise M. Kalos, MS & Allison McKeany, MS, RD


Your memory is not something that should diminish with age.

You’re never too young to start developing healthy habits that can ultimately impact your cognition. People of all ages will benefit from the easy-to-follow and practical advice in Outsmart Your Brain: The Insider’s Guide to Life-LongMemory.

The experts at AffirmativHealth have been working with people at risk or living with memory loss, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease for several years. They have treated hundreds of patients with remarkable success.

The team at AffirmativHealth began their journey as part of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. They have reviewed literature from all over the world and conducted independent research to better understand the implications of lifestyle on cognitive health. The best research has been consolidated to develop this easy-to-follow guide to life-long brain health.

Memory loss is not something that just happens as we age; memory is impacted by years of lifestyle habits, good and bad.AffirmativHealth is a personalized and precision medicine practice for those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and part of their practice has redefined the lifestyle treatment approach that can benefit anyone interested in retaining their memories as they age.

’Outsmart Your Brain: The Insider’s Guide to Life-Long Memory’ explains how diet & nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, socializing, brain stimulation and behavioral changes & habits can have a positive impact on memory.

About the Book
"I bought this book because I live near the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and I wanted to know what their latest research was recommending. It is a simple, easy to follow book about what to do to reduce dementia risk. It gets right to the point about what to eat and what habits to change. Good reference tool for anyone dealing with Alzheimers in the family."


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Ginger Schechter, MD

Dr. Schechter is a board-certified internal medicine physician and student of Ayurvedic medicine. Her work with the Veterans Administration as a physician and administrator offered her a unique understanding of the connection between the mind, body, and spirit specific to each patient. Throughout her career, she has always been a proponent of the role of diet and gut health as being the foundation to health and wellness. Her current position as Chief Medical Officer of AffirmativHealth allows her to continue her life's work of aligning eastern and western medicine philos- ophies to improve patient health. Born and raised in California, Dr. Schechter is married with two sons and a cat and is currently learning to play the ukulele.

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Denise M. Kalos, MS

Ms. Kalos is a thought leader, building wellness-related businesses, leveraging cutting edge technologies. As the Vice President of Wellbeing Programs for the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, she created the first ever program empowering people to reduce risk of memory loss and improve cognitive health. As the CEO of AffirmativHealth, she continues to raise awareness around alter- native, precision therapies for those at risk or living with memory loss/Alzheimer's disease. Denise is a native San Franciscan and has never been to Alcatraz.

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Allison McKeany


Ms. McKeany is a registered dietitian and studied at University of California, San Diego. She takes a personalized approach to improv- ing health and wellness through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Allison currently serves as the Director of Program Development for ADx Healthcare and has been partnering with AffirmativHealth since its inception. She is a key player as AffirmativHealth con- ducts ongoing research. Allison grew up in Sonoma, California, and enjoys the riches of wine country without ever taking a sip.

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PUBLISHER: Brooklyn Writers Press (August 12, 2020)
PAGES: 342
2nd Edition

TRIM: 5 x 8

978-17345724-9-0 (Paperback)       
978-1-9529910-0-4 (E-Book)
B07GC665P7 - ASIN [Audiobook]

LCCN: 2020910146
LIST PRICE $12.99 (Paperback)
              $14.95 [Audiobook]

               $ 4.99 (e-Book)
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